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In the remote case that you notice any problems in the guides’ instructions, please let us know in order to correct them. Also, if you know of any other interesting or educationally helpful software and you wish to make a short guide about it, we will be pleased to upload your contribution to our website after our pedagogical committee’s evaluation. The email you can send your contributions is:


The following guides were created by the members of our team. They were carefully selected as they represent a sample of easy-to-use software that can be useful to teachers and students in their everyday work. They are short guides for beginners which means, that you can use them to make the first steps in getting to know the software. Each one comes with educational suggestions on how the software can be used or even with exercises that you can use in class with your students.


Some of these guides involve open tools that can be installed and used by the schools for free without having to pay expensive licenses to buy and use the same material like document processors, presentations or calculating sheets. We hope that these tools will also help low budget schools or communities to use the new technologies without having to spend lots of money.

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