Housing for the CET'16 Congress

June 30, 2015

The congress organization has reached agreements with different hotels in the city of Girona that we detail below. Note that, for the reduced rate to apply, you have to mention the code "CETUdG16" upon reservation.

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Inauguration Conference: Mr. Robert Pratten

20/04: 10h to 11.30h (CET)

Inauguration Conference: 'Transformative Transmedia Experiences' by Mr. Robert Pratten. Presented by: Nuria Fernández.

Conference: PhD. Muriel Robinson

21/04: 12h to 13.30h (CET)

Conference: 'Contentious technologies and education for the future' by PhD. Muriel Robinson. Presented by: Celia Andreu.


Closure Conference: PhD. Calos Alberto Scolari

22/04: 12h to 13.30h (CET)

Closure Conference: 'Transmedia Literacy' by PhD. Carlos Alberto Scolari. Presented by: Ana Mª Guerra.


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