Interview to @robpratten of Conducttr, speaker that will open the ‪#‎CETCongress2016‬

February 26, 2016

Interview to @robpratten of Conducttr, speaker that will open the ‪#‎CETCongress2016‬, on the website of the spanish journal 'El Pais': The art of creating narrative adventures or how to be a 'storyteller':

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Inauguration Conference: Mr. Robert Pratten

20/04: 10h to 11.30h (CET)

Inauguration Conference: 'Transformative Transmedia Experiences' by Mr. Robert Pratten. Presented by: Nuria Fernández.

Conference: PhD. Muriel Robinson

21/04: 12h to 13.30h (CET)

Conference: 'Contentious technologies and education for the future' by PhD. Muriel Robinson. Presented by: Celia Andreu.


Closure Conference: PhD. Calos Alberto Scolari

22/04: 12h to 13.30h (CET)

Closure Conference: 'Transmedia Literacy' by PhD. Carlos Alberto Scolari. Presented by: Ana Mª Guerra.


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